About Us

About Us

Backendgeeks has the desired expertise in offering industry oriented web development and programming courses. It has emerged to be an epitome of exceptional course to many aspiring software developers. We are specialized in enhancing the skills of the students or future web developers and programmers by virtue of excellently designed courses from the leading practitioners from the industry. Our comprehensive PHP course Mumbai is instrumental in shaping the sharpest minds to turn around the web development industry. In the presence of industry experts, the students are bound to gain immense knowledge in mastering the technicality of website development and being familiar with the latest technologies.


What we offer:-

The growing shout of exceptional web developers has raised the standard of work and output. This has led to introduction of new techniques and options for the clients. To meet this demand, it is imperative to be familiar with the wide array of programming language. So, we come into the picture by being an ideal tutor to establish a successful career in the industry. One can enroll for their preferred course such as: –


All the industry related courses are tailor made to evolve in the industry. The courses are designed by taking into the nature of business and industry requirements. We make sure to keep the course updated by staying abreast with the new technologies and process along with latest innovations. As a result, each student will benefit immensely from the Java, Magento, WordPress and PHP class to possess the desired knowledge and skill to succeed in the competitive industry.


 What about our mentors: –

The thing that separates us from the other PHP coaching institutes is availability of competent and experienced lecturers. Each one has over 6 years of experience in their kitty to motivate the next generation of programmers and developers. Under the watchful eyes of reliable lecture, there is no denying that learning becomes easier and fun. All the doubts will be solved with Java, WordPress or PHP live training. Every teacher has loads of patience and is professional to make learning simple.


Hands-on Experience: –

What better way to gain confidence by getting hands-on experience? Isn’t it right! We offer students the opportunity of working on live projects. This gives the platform to execute the techniques learned from the course and assess the performance. It can certainly put a student in the driving seat by getting the much needed exposure of working on a live project. There is a greater possibility of gaining valuable experience and building the confidence to do only the best.
So, what are you waiting for? Opt for the right course to secure your future and have a fruitful career. We’ll give the right platform to learn and grow as a programmer and excel in what you love doing. For any queries related of Java or PHP training in Mumbai, feel free to get in touch with us for comprehensive information. We are available 24×7 to assist in the most professional way. Give us a call now!